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di Edi Orioli !
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  :: Marocco 2004
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  :: Novembre 2004
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15-22nd March Trip to Morocco
Hello everyone,
sometimes dropping a line won’t go amiss. Waiting to let you know about my imminent “Desert Challenge” which, after Tenerè, Atacama, Transiberian and Gobi, will take place in the boundless Libic desert, I’ll tell you the story of a Morocco Raid with my friends…It was a new experience and also a good surprise: Morocco; a trip which I’ve organised to discover the most suggestive corners of this land, with a small team which turned out to be restless and expert.Unusual because originally the adventure didn’t include anything extreme or any challenge, it was simply the first of many little projects dedicated to motorcyclic inactivity.

We completed it in one intense week between the 15th and the 22nd of March. Fifteen predestinated guys in an exotic and relaxing trip, on the bike, but without any compromise regarding in taste anddiscomfort. After an in depth study we chose the routes that better representedthe fantastic moroccoan geography. We had all the facilities and we definitely took advantage of them. Airzedoone’s support, with two war machines called Pascal and Loris, was the icing on the cake of this unforgettable journey. We knew that Morocco was, seen from the right angle, marvellous but maybe you already knew it too, but this time maybe our first mission was blessed, not onlyby the aircraft that carried the company but also by a exceptional moroccoan spring. You can’t imagine how beautiful is that land of light and colour when it is flooded by the green of the new season. Green everywhere, even at the foot of the dune of Mahamid, which we definitely haven’t left aside, or in the Draa valley usually scorched by the sun of the desert. Or maybe along the track that, in one day, took us from the 2500 meters of the Tazazaret pass to the valley of Gafer and then up again, through the cliffs of Todra to one of the most beautiful bivouacs that we’ve ever seen. We have tried to see and enjoy landscapes, calm and kind people (different rythms of life, lucky lot), their culture and tradition of cities like Ouazazate or Marrakech. We also had few humourous encounters, for example the one with the old sheperd. Up in the mountain, he hungs his chickens on his donkey (to make sure the roosters didn’t go to far) and just walks a few paces everyday. We visited the most ancient Kasbahs in Morocco and stayed in the most beautiful and comfortable hotels. So we can’t say that we made the most out of this precious experience. Will we do anymore tours? Definitely! The desert challenge tours will have the frequency and especially their own special style. We want to offer you something that nobody else can, otherwise our experience would have been wasted. Now I leave you. I won’t take part in rally of Tunisia (where last year, if you remember well, I didn’t do badly), because I have to dedicate all my time and energy to the organising of the next Desert Challenge Libia, which should start in early May. Don’t despair, you’ll be informed by these very pages and will be part of the report.

Speak to you soon.